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Kevin Wenig

Kevin Wenig

Founder, CPA

My Story

CPApp was created and built by Kevin Wenig, owner of Kevin Wenig CPA, LLC, an accounting firm in Trumbull, CT.

Kevin originally created the software for his own internal use, but as it grew and evolved, it became clear that something game-changing was being produced.

Having been in public accounting since 1992, it was easy to see the missing pieces in the software available on the market today, so they created their own.  The individual modules of CPApp have been continuously built, refined, edited and on more than one occasion, deleted, as they were their own beta-testers for several years before offering it to the public. CPApp was not created in a corporate board room to drive profits.  It was created in the trenches by the people who use it to save time and make everyone more efficient. Period.

Find out more about Kevin Wenig CPA LLC here – www.wenigcpa.com