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Timesheets & Analytics

Timesheets with backup suitable for including with your invoices. Firm, staff & client analytics and profitability reports in real-time. Integrates overhead and non-billable time. Includes the ability to bill time to someone else on a “parent” invoice. Calculate WIP for all or just monthly clients in split second! WIP-it Good! Automatically creates invoices in QuickBooks® Online.

Due Date & Tracker Reports *

Tracks tasks, clients and dates due, as well as progress & staff assigned on one easy to understand screen with infinite sorting abilities. Tasks and dates are customizable. Tracks progress versus prior year. Automatic reminder emails to staff and supervisor notification when marked complete. Easily exports to Excel. *Included in free CPApp Basic

Contacts *

Creates a centralized repository for all client, vendor, personal and business contacts: enables sharing company-wide, or simply allows access from anywhere on any device. Also allows you to ‘link’ clients so creating Groups has never been easier! Seamlessly sync your client list with QuickBooks® Online. *Included in free CPApp Basic

Client Tax Checklist

Eliminates any question of what data has been received by each client. Those items not received are automatically sent to each client. You and the client always know what is still outstanding. Our most used feature and eliminates the “what am I missing” question we get hundreds of times each tax season.

Billing Rates

Tracks how much each staff person charges each client on an hourly basis. Sets a default and can be overridden for each specific client.

Client Timers

Simplifies billing with “Speed Buttons” that time your work for a client. After assigning up to three clients to your Function Keys, you easily start and stop the timer with a click. Time transfers directly to your timesheet.


Documents anything you want to document, remember or pass along to others from phone calls to reminders to staff notations and more.

Email Notifications

Automatically sends customizable emails to a category of clients, e.g. estimated tax reminders or messages to business clients about new tax regulations.


Web Links

Allows the entire company to share the same “Favorites,” for effortless and consistent research and logins. Links can be grouped into subcategories like “Banking,” “Taxing Agencies,” “Admin,” etc. It’s your browser Favorites but available to everyone so we all don’t need to find the IRS EIN application website individually. It’s available for everyone.

Staff Information

Centralizes names, addresses, default billing rates, levels (for password access), supervisors, and more.


Instruction Sheets

Prints time-saving formatted instructions for all filing forms you send to your clients. A huge time saver and great presentation every time. You select a client name, a jurisdiction, a form and everything fills in on your letterhead, with your logo. You add in the balance due, (for example) and you’re ready to go!

Slip Sheets

Formats preprinted mailing and return address sheets to fit inside standard 8.5″ X 11″ or 11″ X 13″ window envelopes. Can use client or taxing agency address to save time.

Mailing Labels

Allows you to print up to eight Avery 2160 mailing labels at a time, or an entire sheet of 30 Avery 5160 mailing labels, from data entered in your Contacts.

Folder Labels

Prints up to 7 Avery 5200 folder labels, pulling data from your Contacts.

Firm Documents

Offers a single location to create, store and edit all client-facing and internal documents, e.g. privacy policy, record retention recommendations, etc.

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