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Pro Tip: Parent/Child Billing

Your client comes in and says they want you to prepare their kid’s tax return and to bill the parent for it. Maybe the same client has a number of businesses and the holding company pays for the tax work for all entities.

Hmmm… so we need separate time tracking and separate due date tracking entries to manage these clients. How on earth are we supposed to bill it on one invoice?

Back in the old days when we had green visors and fourteen column ledger paper, you would have prepared two (or more) invoices or manually moved the time from child to parent.

Then CPApp came along!

1. Go to Contacts. Select the name of the child.

2. At the top of the screen, check “Yes” where it says “Will you be billing someone else”.

3. Select the name of the parent in the dropdown menu immediately to the right.

4. When you do your invoicing, go to Reports > Invoice Reports and select the parent’s name. Both sets of time will be in there, although listed separately so it’s easy to see how the time was spent.

5. Send a message to kevin@CPApp.io to tell him how much time you saved using this feature and how you want to build a monument in your parking lot in his honor.

Okay, maybe a monument isn’t necessary, but drop me a line anyway to tell me what works, what doesn’t and what you’d like to see in a future release. I personally read them all!

But seriously, a monument would be awesome.

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Pro Tip: Client Email Reminders

As you know, Q2 estimated taxes are around the corner. Did you remind your clients? I did and it only took me a few seconds. Let me show you how you can do it as quickly as us.

Setting it up the first time should take 5 – 20 minutes, depending on how many clients you have. It will then take no time at all every subsequent quarter. Forever.

1. Go to Settings (the Wrench) and create a Tag called “Estimated Tax Reminder”.

2. Go to all Contacts and select/add “Estimated Tax Reminder” at the bottom of the screen to everyone who should get an email every quarter.

3. Go to E-Mails/Client Reminders/Add New.

4. Create a customized message that works for you. I use (and feel free to edit as it pertains to your own practice):

Dear {firstname},

This is a reminder to let you know personal estimated income taxes are due on the 15th day of this month.

If you pay the same amount every quarter with protective estimates you already received, then this is just a reminder.

If you wish to pay the actual tax or are not sure if this applies to you or not, please contact us. Remember, estimated taxes can be paid via this link: https://your-link-here. Please disregard if you have already paid, have discussed with us already or are otherwise not paying at this time. This is not a monitored address, please do not respond to this e-mail directly.

Thank you.

Now the hard part is done and you’re ready to send the email.

5. In E-Mails, find the specific reminder you wish to send. Hit Select Recipients and select the names within the Tag that should get the email. Conceivably, it’s all of them, but it allows you the flexibility to exclude some if necessary.

6. Click on “Send Email”.

7. Sit back and wait for everyone to thank you for the reminder. Then go home early and watch Netflix with all the time you saved.

We use Reminders to send an annual “Welcome Back” email every January, information on new tax developments, a personalized checklist of what’s outstanding to complete every clients’ tax return, Digital Holiday Greetings, etc.

Take the few minutes to set it up. Your clients will appreciate the proactive reminder!

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Kevin Wenig, kevin@CPApp.io.

New Features (6.10.19)

  • Added “What’s New”.  Ironic as it may seem.
  • Parent/ Child billing implemented so kids time appears on parents invoice
  • Ability to designate clients as “monthly” to differentiate those clients who are billed every month vs. periodically.
  • WIP reports can be run with All/Monthly/Periodic clients.
  • Easier editing of Weblink categories
  • Added ability to enter internal notes in Timesheets
  • A few minor bug fixes and aesthetic changes

Provide Feedback or Report A Problem

Did you know that there’s a button in the lower right corner of every page in every module of CPApp that can be used to provide feedback or report a problem?

If you have an idea that would make CPApp better, any feedback, or would like to report a bug or a problem, let us know here!