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Helpful hints…

In order to get the most out of CPApp, we recommend entering data in the following order:


Enter Staff Roles located in the Admin menu. This is used for Passwords and assigning tasks.

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Enter Staff information located in the Admin menu. This will include all employees, independent contractors, admin personnel (anyone who needs to track due dates), contacts, passwords, instruction sheets, etc.

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Enter Contacts. We recommend entering all clients at a minimum. We use it for vendors and all contacts regardless of who they are. We also recommend using the Upload Contacts feature located in the Admin menu.

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How to create an import file
Download Sample Excel File

Once the first three areas are populated, the hard part is over and the software will now flow naturally.

We recommend entering additional data in this order:



Tax Checklist

40-60% of software users will open an app once and never log in again.

We want more for your company. Let us set up and configure CPApp for you.