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What does CPApp do?

CPApp is an online accounting-specific Practice Management software package that offers everything you need to run your accounting/tax practice. It handles timesheets, invoicing support, due date tracking, client reminders and checklists, instruction sheets, labels, report covers, slip sheets and To Do lists. It even offers a central place to store client passwords, shared web links, firm documents and client notes. The days of using multiple software packages, Excel spreadsheets and different versions at every workstation are gone.

I have some staff in the office as well as some remote contractors. Can CPApp help me? 

This is exactly the reason we created the software – to communicate with staff and clients wherever we were located! This is the ultimate online tool to keep everyone updated at all times. I can’t imagine running a practice without it, especially with a remote staff.

How much does CPApp cost?

CPApp Basic is free. The cost for CPApp Premium is $129 per month (includes up to 5 users) and $19 for each additional user. See CPApp software pricing to learn more.

This seems like a big undertaking to implement. Is it?

Not at all, you simply follow along with our step-by-step setup utility built right in to the application. You will be up and using CPApp effectively in no time. You can also see helpful hints at Getting Started.

How long has CPApp been around?

The concept and prototype were created in May of 2014, after a long, hard, inefficient tax season when we determined there must be a better way. We have been using this accounting practice software internally and refining and adding features ever since. We decided to share it with others in 2018 for their own accounting practice management.

What size firm would use CPApp?

Sole proprietors and firms with 100 employees or more can safely use this accounting software. It is robust, customizable and not just intended for smaller companies.  We were a thirteen-person company when this was created and could not live without it at this point.

How do you pronounce CPApp?

Yeah, we get that a lot. “C-P-App”.

How much time can we save by using this?

Highly variable, but we would expect you’ll save multiple hours per week per employee if this accounting tool is used effectively and completely.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, anytime. No strings. No commitments. No hard feelings.Shoot us an email at support@cpapp.io and tell us why and you’re off the hook.

How do you determine how many users we have?

Everyone who has access to the accounting software counts as a user. CPApp does not distinguish between full or part-time employees, contractors, interns, administrative personnel, IT administrators, etc.

Is my data safe?

Most of the data you enter is not sensitive and what is entered is encrypted by employing the latest security at every point. However, if you are uncomfortable entering client passwords, then don’t. It’s that simple. We use it, but we know the programming teams’ hack-sensitivity better than anyone.

I have an idea that may make CPApp even better. Are you interested?

We are definitely interested!  Please send product enhancements to support@cpapp.io as often as you think of something! We are constantly improving and adding features to our accounting tools and would love your feedback.

Do you sell my name or e-mail address?

Not to anyone. Ever. The company is working on several other accounting-related projects and no promises we won’t bring them to your attention when they’re ready. But that’s just keeping it in the family.

Why should I choose CPApp?

Because there is no other accounting software like it on the market – whether by big or small companies – that offers anything near what we offer in one, cohesive accounting package.  We know, we know… all SaaS companies state that. Go ahead and look for yourself.  You’re already in the right place.

I’ve signed up and started my trial. Now what?

Start by entering in your Staff Levels in the Settings screen and then enter in Staff information, which includes names, billing rates, etc. Once that’s complete, upload or enter your clients’ contact information. From there, we recommend populating Tracker while starting to use Timesheets. The rest is up to you to update at your own pace. Read more helpful hints at Getting Started or we can do the onboarding for you.