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CPApp Comparisons

What You Get

 CCHThomas ReutersIntuit Practice ManagementJetpackCanopyCPApp
Due Date Tracker
Collaboration tools
The most robust billing and timesheet analytic reports in the industry; by employee, client and division
Client Notes, specific to each client and employee level
Notes, limited to selected employees
Custom Tax Instruction Sheets
Individual Tax Checklist specific to each client; email to client
Weekly due date tracker list emailed to all staff
Customizable client speed timers
Custom and default billing rates for each client and employee
Customizable client email reminders
(ie, estimated tax reminder)
Web Links - a centralized "favorites" bar you all share
Report covers, with client logos
Slip Sheets for various sized envelopes
Labels; 30/sheets, folders, etc.; selected categories
Labels: mailing
To do lists - for one-off tasks
WIP report, calculates for all clients or select just those that are billed monthly
"Tags" to group clients
April 15th count down timer!

What They Cost


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Thomas Reuters

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Intuit Practice Mgt

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For any accounting firm, CPApp is a game-changer.