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I know… I know, it’s Tax Season. You don’t have time to read these things.

I’ll make you a deal. You spend 60-seconds reading this… and I’ll save you several hours per week. That’s a good deal, right?

Email Reminders. Don’t neglect this feature!

To introduce you, I have a Reminder set up for Estimated Taxes. Go to E-Mails> Client Reminders. I created an email that says “Hey – estimates are due on the 15th of this month. Don’t forget to pay or contact me if you need to update your projections”. Click on Select Recipients (see below for using with a Tag) and hit Send. Poof! Now you effectively reminded your entire client base about tax estimates and maybe even created some additional revenue, not to mention the value of the time saved not having to remind anyone individually. For an added benefit, I add “{c:shared_file_location}” in the reminder email and now they have a copy of their vouchers which you saved in their online portal so they don’t need to ask you to send them. Again.

For an even better experience, go to the Wrench (Settings in the upper right) and set up a Contact Tag for Estimated Taxes. I also have one for Holiday Card List, All NY City clients, Trusts and Estates, FBAR, etc., depending on how you communicate with your clients. Now that the Tag is created, select it when you want to send an email to a select group of clients, vendors, contacts, etc.

What kinds of mass email reminders will you create? Let me know!

Happy Taxing.