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Know what’s silly?

It’s silly that we all share company contacts, a server, our individual calendars, QBs files… even a restroom. In spite of this, we all keep our own browser favorites on our individual computers like it’s a double-super-secret place to find where to get a FEIN or to see the Chipotle’s menu.

Has no one else thought about making a single place to share the most important and commonly used URLs so we all don’t have to try to find the same information on our own? Not to mention it’s available no matter what computer or device you’re using?

Problem solved.

  1. Go to Settings > Web Link Categories and create a category you want to share (ie, “Taxing Agencies”, “Client Websites”, “Dinner Menus”, “Administrative”, “Really Important Stuff”, etc.)
  2. Click on Weblinks on the side menu bar > Add New to enter a URL you want to save/share companywide.
  3. Save www.beancountersday.com under “Super Important Stuff”, because let’s face it. That one’s hardly silly at all.

Got a time saving idea you want to see included in CPApp? Let us know at kevin@CPApp.io.  I read ‘em all! Oh, and for the one who suggested a place in CPApp to share recipes.. ummm… no.