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This is a good one.

Remember the old days when you had to use a carrier pigeon to send data to/from your client?  Me either. But a fax machine, bicycle messenger, personal phone calls and a meeting for each client was not so long ago, I’m afraid. Alas, it is 2020 and my fax machine now rests comfortably in a storage closet somewhere.

CPApp now has an amazing new feature to share data back and forth with your clients. You can now include a Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive (or other data sharing software) link within our automated emails. For example, you send a checklist where it lists everything outstanding the client still needs to send you to complete a tax return. They gather their docs, hit the link in the email and drag and drop to their heart’s content. You have the accounting and/or tax data, the client gets it off their desk and everyone wins.

In the Contacts screen > select a client > edit a client.

Halfway down the screen, you’ll see a text box labeled “File Sharing Link”, although any doc sharing platform will work as long as everyone has their own specific link.

Copy this link from Dropbox, et. al and paste it in this box.

Repeat for all clients.

Go to E-Mails and add in “{c:shared_file_location}” at the end of the text. The software will link the name of the recipient with their own specific link.

It only takes 10 seconds per client to set up and do it once, it’s there forever saving you unbelievable amounts of time, season after season.

Like this idea? Hate it? Have another one that would make your day better? Let me know, I read them all!  kevin@CPApp.io