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Let me guess. You’re talking to your client on the phone while furiously scribbling down notes on a sticky note, a torn open box of Yodels and even a little on your forearm with a Sharpie. You then need to pass these notes to your staff so they know everything you do and they can update the tax projection accordingly. You could swear you put the note in the file, but it’s just not there. And, to top it off, if your admin complains about your handwriting one more time, you’re moving him, and his red stapler, to the basement.

Relax. CPApp has a much better way to share accounting and tax-related notes.

  1. Click on Notes > New
  2. Select a client name
  3. Highlight those staff levels that are able to see this note, just in case something is sensitive.
  4. Pick a category (you can add new ones under Settings)
  5. Enter an amount if it applies or leave it blank.
  6. Type your notes for all to see & share.
  7. Attach a pdf, Excel doc or even a jpeg photo of your forearm for archival purposes.

Now everyone in your accounting firm has the same data you do and it’s updated in real-time. You can even print selected notes as a pdf and keep a copy in your client’s file, if that suits you.

It seems like common sense to have this feature. Admittedly, even we got off to a slow start on this one, but now we use it all the time for nearly every phone call, meeting and even internal discussions. It’s SOP to be the first place we look for info before working on a client. And now I can once again wash my arm before Tax Season.

And think of the money saved by not buying boxes of Yodels to be used as note paper.

Got a comment, idea, question or {gasp!} even a complaint?

Give it to me straight at kevin@CPApp.io.