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Your client comes in and says they want you to prepare their kid’s tax return and to bill the parent for it. Maybe the same client has a number of businesses and the holding company pays for the tax work for all entities.

Hmmm… so we need separate time tracking and separate due date tracking entries to manage these clients. How on earth are we supposed to bill it on one invoice?

Back in the old days when we had green visors and fourteen column ledger paper, you would have prepared two (or more) invoices or manually moved the time from child to parent.

Then CPApp came along!

1. Go to Contacts. Select the name of the child.

2. At the top of the screen, check “Yes” where it says “Will you be billing someone else”.

3. Select the name of the parent in the dropdown menu immediately to the right.

4. When you do your invoicing, go to Reports > Invoice Reports and select the parent’s name. Both sets of time will be in there, although listed separately so it’s easy to see how the time was spent.

5. Send a message to kevin@CPApp.io to tell him how much time you saved using this feature and how you want to build a monument in your parking lot in his honor.

Okay, maybe a monument isn’t necessary, but drop me a line anyway to tell me what works, what doesn’t and what you’d like to see in a future release. I personally read them all!

But seriously, a monument would be awesome.

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