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Perfect to run your office.

Essential for your remote team.

CPApp wasn’t created in a boardroom to drive profits and share price. Instead, CPApp was developed in the trenches, in a way that makes sense for a real accounting firm, with real clients, real struggles, real deadlines and real time constraints.

One Online Solution.
Thousands Of Hours Saved.


A single, automated, online platform that replaces all of your disparate software programs.


Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, desktop, phone or tablet, CPApp lets you access all your data, anytime.


Built-in time-saving functions to automate processes for client and admin tasks.

Import your client list and invoice seamlessly through QuickBooks Online!

Features Accounting Firms Need


Timesheets & Analytics

Timesheets with backup suitable for including with your invoices. Firm, staff & client analytics and profitability reports in real-time. Integrates overhead and non-billable time.

Automatically creates invoices in QuickBooks® Online.

Due Date Tracker & Reports *

Tracks tasks, clients and dates due, as well as progress & staff assigned on one easy to understand screen with infinite sorting abilities. Tasks and dates are customizable. Tracks progress versus prior year. Automatic reminder emails to staff and supervisor notification when marked complete. Easily exports to Excel.

*included in free CPApp Basic

Client Tax Checklist

Eliminates any question of what data has been received by each client. Those items not received are automatically sent to each client. You and the client always know what is still outstanding. Our most used feature and eliminates the “what am I missing” question we get hundreds of times each tax season.

Email Notifications

Automatically sends customizable emails to a category of clients, e.g. estimated tax reminders or messages to business clients about new tax regulations.

Contacts *

Creates a centralized repository for all client, vendor, personal and business contacts: enables sharing company-wide, or simply allows access from anywhere on any device. Also allows you to ‘link’ clients so creating Groups has never been easier!

Seamlessly sync your client list with QuickBooks® Online.

*Included in free CPApp Basic


Documents anything you want to document, remember or pass along to others from phone calls to reminders to staff notations and more.

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